Covid-19 Updates

The Memphis Barbecue Network is in constant communication with our MBN sanctioned contest organizers and officials as they determine their course of action for their individual events/contests. As they make the decisions to proceed or cancel, we will immediately share this on our Facebook page and post on the MBN website. We are concerned for the health and safety of all teams, judges, volunteers, attendees, sponsors and officials and trust that all event/contest organizers and officials will make decisions in a reasonable time to lessen the impact.

Current Cancellations/postponements include:

  • Conquistador Challenge- Cancelled
  • The South MS Boucherie- Cancelled
  • Atoka BBQ Fest- Cancelled
  • Philadelphia Ham Jam – Cancelled
  • Southaven Springfest- Cancelled
  • Que on the Yazoo – Cancelled
  • Thunder on the Water – Cancelled
  • Covington World’s Oldest BBQ Festival – Cancelled
  • Smoke on the Mountain – Cancelled
  • Great Ruleville Roast – Cancelled
  • Bartlett BBQ Fest – Cancelled
  • Porkerfest – Cancelled
  • Water Valley, Train Track Attack – Cancelled
  • Delta Hot Tamale Festival – Cancelled
  • Cleveland Octoberfest – Cancelled
  • Arlington BBQ Fallfest – Cancelled
  • Delta State Pig Pickin’- Cancelled
  • Big Pig Jig – Cancelled
Updated 08/24/2020

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