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In this month’s board meeting, We discussed a forum for you, teams and judges, to talk and bring your ideas and concerns to the MBN Board of Directors.  The Board would like to take this opportunity to provide you an arena to discuss items that are important to you.  Our goal with this blog series is to discuss topics that are important to our BBQ community, and work in an thoughtful manner to address your ideas.

Our Talk with the Board series will be topic driven, with topics changing monthly, to start.  Specific topics allow everyone to collectively voice their amazing ideas and discuss all of the avenues related to that topic.  That being said, our first discussion is “Topics”, what topics would you like to see discussed in this series?  Please leave your Topics in the comment section.

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  1. Josh Hawkins
    Josh Hawkins says:

    1) MBN Standards. What are they? How can all the contest be set-up, processed, and run consistently to to ensure consistent results?
    2) Communication and Transparency when important issues or problems arise. What is the issue? What caused the problem? What is MBN doing or can teams do to ensure it never happens again? How will and can this information be distributed for PR purposes to protect MBN’s image and integrity?
    3) Rules. Are they black and white, or open to interpretation? Do teams know or understand MBN’s purpose, meaning, or intent of each rule?

  2. Norm LaChapelle
    Norm LaChapelle says:

    Let’s have real time results from contests . Designate person that will be competing to upload pertinent information on MBN site for up to date results and any other information that members would appreciate.


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